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Are you ready to infuse some adventure into your life?

Our curiosity about the connectedness of global festivals, our passion for revitalizing travel, and our love for Africa and her diaspora culminated in an exclusive travel concept that simplifies access to festivals and allows travelers to discover fascinating destinations in a more intimate way.

Experiencing festivals is an introduction to a local culture; a gateway to step out of your comfort zone and actively participate like a true local; when travel is more than just a checklist and fancy photographs, but an infinite journey to self-discovery and purpose. Connect intimately with your surroundings like you haven't before and broaden your mind with ideas unknown and unseen.


We all love a transformative trip, but the amount of time it takes to plan one can be daunting and overwhelming. We realize that, for some, the effort surpasses the desire to pursue their travel aspirations.That's where we come in.

We know that planning for a journey to an unknown land can be quite intimidating. Therefore, we do it for you!

The carefully-constructed itineraries are designed by a seasoned FestiHopp team experts whose sole concern is to offer exciting festival experiences that allow you to explore the cultural nuances of a new destination comfortable and effortlessly. Harness your curiosity and engage in enriching local experiences and form lasting memories with those you know and love.

We are consistently keeping our pulse on the ground of our destinations in order to deliver unique adventures.


You no longer have to miss out!

There are many popular festivals you are already aware of, but have you wondered about the myriad of others that celebrate world cultures in dazzling fare; that are less accessible, yet equally as engaging and connected to local identity if only you could figure out how to get there? FestiHopp is your solution.

We provide a one-stop gateway for travelers to explore the history-rich destinations in the African diaspora and participate in festivals and carnivals in a simple and stress-free manner. You will recognize yourself in the strangers you will meet and walk away inspired and invigorated through shared histories, stories and celebrations.


Gather your friends.

Choose a festival.

Experience a trip of a lifetime!

FestiHopp serves the adventurous and curious traveler, who wants to explore interesting destinations through culture and exploration.

We make travel with your friends easy. Can you think of a better way to experience global diversity than through festi-hopping with your family and friends?

And the best part? You won't have to lift a finger.